Karen SimpsonOffice Manager

    Karen joined Polaris Learning in March 2015 as an Accounts Administrator and has since progressed into the role of Office Manager. 

    Primarily Karen is responsible for the input and processing of the company accounts. As well as processing and finalising accounts, other tasks that she carries out on a regular basis are invoicing, payments, assisting with the Skills Development Scotland contract, timesheets and salaries, expenses, HR records, cashflow reports, help to the consultants (resources, lists, profiling) and a variety of other financial tasks to help with the running of the business.
    When needed, Karen will also assist the team with candidate tasks such as maintaining candidate records and internal systems so that it is as up-to-date as possible, registering and resulting candidates on governing body systems, and more importantly, that the correct procedures are being followed in line with requirements set out by the governing bodies. Karen will assist with the printing and collation of candidate and training portfolios to the timescales given across all sectors within the business.
    Prior to joining Polaris Learning Karen worked in similar roles within a wide range of industries including beverages, clothing and oil & gas.

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