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What To Think About When Planning Management Development

CIPD Factsheet Management Development, 1 July 2016

“Managers at all levels need a certain set of skills associated with their people management role, and these need to be developed. It should also not be assumed that well-qualified professionals who attain promotion to posts involving line management responsibilities will automatically be able to assimilate the people management role.”

Many people are, of course, promoted to leadership positions on the basis of technical skills or operational requirements, sometimes promoted earlier than would be ideal. This is the reality of working in a busy environment but it can be hard to know if people will make good supervisors or managers until they are in the role.

So what do you need to consider when planning leadership development training? Below are some points that we always think should be considered:

  • Regardless of the level of an employee in an organisation, he or she may not have the skills or knowledge to be a competent leader.
  • So it can be sensible to assess leadership levels and to consider that basic leadership training may be required as much as the more advanced leadership training.
  • You cannot assume that there is an automatic correlation between management qualifications and an individual’s ability to lead and manage. So assessing leadership levels still remains important.
  • Make sure and tell your leaders what is expected of them. Provide a clear brief on their responsibilities to their team members or to the organisation, and the behaviours that are therefore required.
  • We have found that hands-on, practical workshops with clear workplace links are an eye opener to managers regardless of their level of position, experience or qualifications. At the very least it works as a good refresher but in most cases managers take away a lot that they can immediately apply in how they lead and manage.
  • On the job experience as a manager is important to help managers get the most from a leadership development programme. However, different techniques can be used to help develop future managers or graduates.
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