Our butchery and filleting skills courses provide hands on training, they take place at your premises and we use your tools and machinery.

These courses are very practical and aim to give you the knowledge and skills to be able to develop and market your own products.

We encourage you to have a go yourself until you have built up your competency level. We provide backup mentoring through this process.

Courses are aimed at:

  • Crofters and producers wishing to cut up their own carcasses for home use or direct selling.
  • Chefs who want to better utilise whole carcasses.
  • Food retailers who want a better knowledge of the products they are selling. Beef Butchery breaking the carcass down into muscle groups, and discussing the various options for cutting and retailing.

Lamb Butchery

We cover carcass evaluation, butchery techniques and the tools required for the different cuts, and presenting cuts for sale.

Pork Butchery

We cover carcass evaluation, butchery techniques and the tools required for the different cuts, how to seam and fillet primal cuts, and presenting cuts for sale.

Venison Butchery

We cover topics such as understanding the quality of the carcass, butchery techniques and the tools required for the different cuts and presenting cuts for sale.


We cover topics such as dry and wet plucking, eviscerating, and preparing for the table.

Fish Filleting

A practical course covering: understanding the quality of the products, filleting techniques, and the tools required for the different products and presenting for sale.


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Focusing on the workshop approach, this training would generally be carried out in a two day workshop.

In this workshop we cover:

  • Introduction to Competence
  • Organising and Preparing
  • Carry Out Assessments
  • Discussion and Questioning
  • Judging and Recording Evidence
  • Providing Feedback
  • Quality Assurance

Once your assessors complete the training workshops, they are then required to work through the rest of the qualification back at their workplace. Your assessors are supported throughout by a Polaris Learning consultant.

On successful completion of the qualification an SQA certificate is awarded.


This involves the provision of an online training process which includes the completion of formal knowledge assignments.  This would typically take one day to complete.

The online modules are:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Competence
  • Module 2: Organising and Preparing
  • Module 3: Carry Out Assessments
  • Module 4: Discussion and Questioning
  • Module 5: Judging and Recording Evidence
  • Module 6: Feedback
  • Module 7: Quality Assurance
  • Module 8: Qualification – What Next?

Following completion of the online modules and assessment planning, the learner completes the necessary work to generate the evidence required by the qualification back in their workplace.  This includes the assessment of two individuals.

We allocate each assessor with a Polaris Learning consultant who works closely with the learner. We build in a series of live webinars or on demand webinars to support the learning process. Client reporting is built in as standard so you can keep track of progress.

The duration of the programme can be organised to suit your requirements and we can facilitate the completion of this over a short or longer period of time.


We can also offer a combination of face to face, online and webinar support and this can be tailored to meet your requirements.


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